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Welcome to my Website!

June 20, 20135 Comments

Welcome to my website! I hope to bring you posts on fun things happening in my little world along with fashion tips, music/movie reviews and more! Plus, my Dad says this will keep me from sitting around all day! Please subscribe and comeback soon!

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Prom 2k15

May 13, 20150 Comments

My sister went to Prom this year with her friend joe and I decided to make a short little video to remember it by

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My High School Experience

April 16, 20150 Comments

I just started high school this year and I know that we make high school out to be some major part of your crazy life so I decided to share what my experience was so far this freshman year!

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Raider Girl’s Varsity Basketball 2014-15

March 28, 20150 Comments

My dad made this really cool and fun highlight video of my sisters basketball team this year! He does this every year and does a great job, so please enjoy!!

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Spring Break in Arizona

March 12, 20150 Comments

Went to AZ with my friend Kady for Spring Break! Had tons of fun, thought id make a little video of what we did! Please enjoy and im sorry that the footage gets a little bumpy!

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The Process of Capturing Dance Photos

February 26, 20150 Comments

My friends are all gymnasts or dancers and I thought it would be cool to try and capture their tricks and jumps. Enjoy

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Shredding the Gnar…

February 6, 20150 Comments

After filming not my arms challenge with these goons we went outside and they asked for any sledding stuff I had, soon I realized watching them “shred” was entertaining. Naturally I strapped a gopro to them and created this video. Super easy and fun!

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Not My Arms Challenge

January 23, 20150 Comments

My friends and I were looking for a fun challenge and stumbled upon this. It was super fun to do and film so please enjoy!!

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The New Year With The Crew

January 9, 20150 Comments

This is some clips I took from my friends New Year party, Enjoy!!

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Christmas Challenges and Fun at the Barn!

December 23, 20140 Comments

My friend Ellie came back to visit us from Florida, so we decided to get a group of friends and do a Christmas challenge. However we are very bad at challenges so we tried a few, then when none were very entertaining I decided to film a little of the Christmas party we were all […]

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Summer in 360

December 2, 20140 Comments

Over the summer I used my Nexus 4 to film what I did. However I filmed a little differently, I held the camera facing me and spun around in a 360 capturing my surroundings while I stayed stationary. I learned that had I stayed in the middle the effect would’ve been pulled off better however […]

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