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Welcome to my Website!

June 20, 20135 Comments

Welcome to my website! I hope to bring you posts on fun things happening in my little world along with fashion tips, music/movie reviews and more! Plus, my Dad says this will keep me from sitting around all day! Please subscribe and comeback soon!

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JJ Singing ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ (Her Original Song)

October 15, 20140 Comments

My sister JJ writes a lot of her own songs and I loved the song Cant Be Tamed so i begged her to sing it for one of my videos!So please enjoy comment share and subscribe!!!

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Smoothie Challenge

September 24, 20140 Comments

My friends and I randomly decided while hanging out to do the smoothie challenge! Enjoy!!

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Read My Lips

September 12, 20140 Comments

Some of my friends decided to do the headphone challenge and try to read each others lips. Not as easy as it sounds! Be sure to watch full screen in HD!

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YouTube Crossover

August 27, 20140 Comments

Don’t worry guys, I am not taking down the site! I just want to make it easier for people to find my videos and give me ideas for future videos. Same great stuff will be here and on my YouTube channel: ‘Tysteentips’ Make sure you search for TYS teentips instead of MY teentips. Believe it […]

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Hair Tutorials

August 21, 20140 Comments

I got a request to do some hair styles such as the braided head band and french fishtail, I threw in some other hair styles as well, so hopefully this video helps you and be sure to check out other videos!

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River Shack with Some Friends

August 6, 20140 Comments

Had some friends – Lexi and Ellie – at our cabin for a night. Here is a quick video of some of the things we did!

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July 30, 20140 Comments

I asked you guys on my instagram (Hubes30) to ask me questions, for a Q&A video! Many people sent in there questions so thank you very much! Please enjoy and subscribe!!

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Best Friend Tag

July 16, 20140 Comments

Made this video a while ago so while watching remember that, haha but I love my best friend so we decided to do a best friend tag, enjoy and check out other videos! thanks!

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4th of July

July 9, 20141 Comment

This is a quick fun video of my 4th of July vacation, please enjoy and check out some of my other videos!!

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My cousin Andy and Diving

June 27, 20140 Comments

My cousin Andy made Varsity Diving as a 7th grader! I though it was really cool, and decided to interview him on his sport! Enjoy!

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