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Welcome to my Website!

June 20, 20134 Comments

Welcome to my website! I hope to bring you posts on fun things happening in my little world along with fashion tips, music/movie reviews and more! Plus, my Dad says this will keep me from sitting around all day! Please subscribe and comeback soon!

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Hudson Girls Basketball 2013-14

April 9, 20140 Comments

I recently finished my last season with one of my basketball teams, it’s very bitter sweet… Here’s a video of us enjoy! Im number 30 and number 14 when it shows the little kids.

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Dance 1 from T Shea on Vimeo.

Turn Up the Music

April 2, 20141 Comment

Hey guys! -so some of my friends are very good dancers and I want to do a video of them dancing. However, I wanted to make sure I could edit it well and make it look like a real music video. So in order to see if I could make one, I decided to do […]

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Spring Break 2k14

March 26, 20142 Comments

This past week my school had spring break. Where I live spring break was more like sit inside all day, snow is still on the ground because Spring got lost. A lot of my friends went to Mexico or Florida and all the warm places but the few lucky ones that stayed here got to […]

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French Braids

March 13, 20140 Comments

Thought I’d do a hair tutorial to show how to do two different types of french braids. One is the traditional, and the other is just a little different in steps, but creates a cool looking braid. Thank you to my sister JJ and thanks for watching!

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Gopher Game

February 27, 20140 Comments

This past week I went to a Gopher Mens Basketball game at Williams Arena! I love going there, so I decided to make a short quick video of the game. Sorry for not the best shots, but I was to busy watching the game to film it!!!:)

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What Guys Do That Girls Hate

February 12, 20140 Comments

There are so many things! My friend Kady and I wanted to share a few of our pet peeves about guys. Please enjoy and comment any questions or video ideas you might have! Also if you know me personally and want to be in a video, all you have to do is ask:)

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Hair Curling

January 30, 20140 Comments

I had a number of requests to do a tutorial on curling your hair. Here is how I do it!

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Moving Pictures!

January 23, 20140 Comments

I thought it would be cool to do something different instead of a video this week. These are called cinemagraphs, so basically you take a ten second movie and freeze part of it. You can do this on the iPhone using the Flixel app, if you want to give it a try. I think it […]

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Quick Beauty Tips

January 16, 20140 Comments

Thought i’d do a quick easy beauty tip video. These tips are super simple to do and remember! Even better they actually help!!! If you have any questions or want me to do tips on certain aspects of life or beauty comment or email me!

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Makeup Challenge

January 9, 20140 Comments

I hadn’t done a video with my guy friends in a while so I thought I’d bring back my bud Henry from the Taste Torture video and then bring a new friend in named Cooper. We all thought it would be funny to do a makeup video considering they are both boys who don’t regularly […]

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