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Welcome to my Website!

June 20, 20136 Comments

Welcome to my website! I hope to bring you posts on fun things happening in my little world along with fashion tips, music/movie reviews and more! Plus, my Dad says this will keep me from sitting around all day! Please subscribe and comeback soon!

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Best Friend Tag

July 16, 20140 Comments

Made this video a while ago so while watching remember that, haha but I love my best friend so we decided to do a best friend tag, enjoy and check out other videos! thanks!

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4th of July

July 9, 20140 Comments

This is a quick fun video of my 4th of July vacation, please enjoy and check out some of my other videos!!

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My cousin Andy and Diving

June 27, 20140 Comments

My cousin Andy made Varsity Diving as a 7th grader! I though it was really cool, and decided to interview him on his sport! Enjoy!

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36er Basketball

June 20, 20140 Comments

My summer basketball team means a lot to me so I thought it would be cool to make a high light video, enjoy!

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Last Day of School

June 18, 20140 Comments

I recently had my last day of school. I thought it would be cool to just take my phone and record my day, there isn’t really a strong point for this video, however there are a lot of people from my school in this video that probably didn’t know they were in it! So if […]

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Low and High Ponytails

June 5, 20140 Comments

Got many requests to do low and high ponytail hairstyles, and I finally got around to it! Enjoy!!

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Perceptions 2

May 21, 20140 Comments

Hey guys, people liked Perceptions 1 , and they wanted to do a second one. So here it is, thank you to my friends who helped me out! Enjoy!

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Prom from T Shea on Vimeo.


May 14, 20142 Comments

My sister just recently had Prom so I made a little video of her getting ready and taking pictures! Enjoy!!!

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Kady’s Birthday

May 12, 20140 Comments

My best friend Kady who has been in many of my videos celebrated her birthday today!! So I made a quick video of our memories, this is not the only video I’m putting up this week, I will be posting one on my sister getting ready for prom on Wed. so be sure to check […]

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Water Challenge

April 23, 20140 Comments

My friends and I were hanging out playing two on two, then randomly decided to do a video. So we quickly came up with a concept and just went with it. Not very organized but I hope you guys like It!:)

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